Classic Albums Live!
A rockin’ tribute evening with some of the Beatles’ greatest Songs

Abby Road Performed Song for Song

This is the Beatles’ last recorded album, and it was a triumph. The group pulled together for their final collection of songs that rank among their best, including two of the greatest songs ever written by George Harrison-Here Comes the Sun and Something. Melody Maker said “This LP is just a natural gas, entirely free of pretention, deep meaning and symbolism” Classic Albums Live will recreate this legendary album, note for note, cut for cut. Hear them perform  Come Together, Oh! Darling, Because, Sun King, Mean Mr. Mustard, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers…and many more.

Emerson Center Honors GHCOP

The Emerson Center in downtown Vero Beach hosts a series of musical concerts each year and selects a charity to promote for each one. For the 2nd year in a row, they have invited Grand Harbor Community Outreach to be the honoree and be featured in the opening introduction.

We are in select company for this since there are nearly 200 charities in Indian River County and just we and Quail Charities and 3 or 4 others are selected for this. 
Grand Harbor Outreach benefits from 25% of the ticket sales when GRAND is used as the promo code.

Emerson COVID Protocols

For patrons to fully enjoy an evening of great entertainment, we are taking tremendous efforts to ensure that everyone who joins us at The Emerson Center will feel confident they are entering a safe, clean and protective environment. These efforts include:
capacity limits will be imposed so you can sit safely during the performance; when you arrive, ushers will show you to your seats to avoid mingling in the lobby;

shows will be intermission-free, helping to minimize lines at the bathrooms and reducing crowds in the lobby;  hand sanitizer stations are available; masks or face coverings are required at all times; be mindful of others by staying home if you are not feeling well and maintaining social distancing guidelines.

For Tickets

Call: 800-595-4849
Buy On-Line: Click Here
Use the promo code: GRAND (all Caps) when buying tickets so that GH Outreach receives a share of the gate.

4:45PM Pre-Performance Dinner At the Grand Harbor Beach Club

Please reserve through the Club website or concierge.
Outside guests OK when reserved by Club member.