Philanthropy Committee
Tina Wilcox, Chair
Al Gallo, Co-Chair

The Process _________________________________________________________

Grand Harbor Community Outreach Program (GHCOP)–since 2002–assisting deserving non-profit agencies in Indian River County:

This year, GHCOP’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce $549,750 in Grants to 32 agencies.

The distributions focus on the unmet needs of groups and individuals in the areas of health, education, and human services in Indian River County, and whenever possible to support our Gifford neighbors.

A year-long effort – including vetting the agencies by our dedicated GHCOP volunteers.

The Agencies we funded this year are listed below along with a description of what they will do with GHCOP funding and the amount of their grant award. Note that many of these agencies address one or more of the strategic targets and where relevant, at least 25% of the clients are residents of Gifford. At least 27 of our 32 Agencies work with Gifford residents.

Strategic Funding Program _____________________________________________

In addition to the delivery of the awards, we have initiated a new element to GHCOP philanthropy. Our intent is to operate the grant process throughout the “off-season”. New agencies and those experiencing shortfalls or hardship anytime during the year can now apply and potentially receive funds in a timely manner. Agencies applying off cycle will still undergo the same rigorous vetting process, including financial analysis and a site visit. We are hopeful that this undertaking will enable us to help our neighbors when the need is there!

How We Spend Your Donations _________________________________________

The support of those in need of special assistance.
$193,000 (45%)

The promotion of family values and the family structure.
$92,141 (22%)

Supporting the basic needs of individuals: food, shelter and clothing
135,000 (32%)

Grants Awarded _____________________________________________________

How You Can Help ____________________________________________________

The Philanthropy Committee provides volunteers an opportunity to meet and work with other Grand Harbor members and to be a part of a team that recommends grants to help address the needs of at-risk residents in the county. We welcome volunteers to work on the Philanthropy Committee, support one of our fun events, provide specific skills as a Board member and join our list of committed donors.

Philanthropy Team Training ____________________________________________