Philanthropy Committee
Lisa Alcock, Chair
Al Gallo, Co-Chair

The Process _________________________________________________________

Our Philanthropy Committee is made up of volunteers who review all grant requests from grantees and who arrange visits with management of each applicant.  Financial Analysts support this review with a detailed financial analysis of each application.  All of our grants are made to 501 (c)(3) charities providing needed services in Indian River County. During the last season, the GHCOP Board approved 29 grants totaling $405,898 and our Virtual Evening of Giving program in November generated $30,125 for gifts to 14 local charities. 
The county has 5 designated pockets of poverty and we focus, though not exclusively, on the Gifford community. 

Requests for Letters of Intent are sent out in the summer, and invitations to apply for a grant are sent out in October, with grant applications due back in November.  Our site teams meet with each applicant by mid-February and our Board meets in the Spring to decide on all grant recommendations from the Philanthropy Committee.  Grant Agreements and checks are typically given to the approved agencies in late March and early April.

The protocols for the Philanthropy Committee this season are designed to ensure safe interactions for our volunteers and agency staff members. Virtual meetings and site visits will likely be the norm this year. Our primary goal is to safely maintain for all stakeholders the tradition of our important work supporting nonprofit agencies that serve the core needs of those living in Indian River County. 

How We Spend Your Donations _________________________________________

The support of those in need of special assistance.
$193,000 (45%)

The promotion of family values and the family structure.
$92,141 (22%)

Supporting the basic needs of individuals: food, shelter and clothing
135,000 (32%)

Grants Awarded _____________________________________________________

How You Can Help ____________________________________________________

The Philanthropy Committee provides volunteers an opportunity to meet and work with other Grand Harbor members and to be a part of a team that recommends grants to help address the needs of at-risk residents in the county. We welcome volunteers to work on the Philanthropy Committee, support one of our fun events, provide specific skills as a Board member and join our list of committed donors.

Philanthropy Team Training ____________________________________________