The Grand Harbor Community Outreach Program is staffed entirely by volunteers. Many work year after year on committees such as Philanthropy.  Some work on a single event and some on several during one season. More than 100 Grand Harbor residents and members contribute their time and talents to making a successful Outreach Program.

The following highlights our committee members, but we would also like to thank the dozens of volunteers who work behind the scenes supporting our special events and our various other activities throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact one of our board members.

COVID 19 IMPACT                   Virtual volunteer meetings and trainings will be the norm this season in order to ensure safe interactions for our volunteers. Our primary goal is to safely maintain for all stakeholders the tradition of our important work supporting nonprofit agencies that serve the core needs of those living in Indian River County. 


2019-2020 Volunteers _________________________________________________

A simple list of names cannot emphasize the tireless dedication and hundreds of hours of work our GHCOP volunteers provide so that we can achieve our mission in the Indian River County community. It is with deepest respect we thank all of them for a job well done.

Lisa Alcock
Peter Alcock
Doug Alexander
Marie Balint
Liz Barnett
Rosemary Bell
Diane Blanco
Maryann Braden
Linda Bradley
Dona Brookreson
Sherry Brown
Don Brouillette
Suzie Cagwin
Maggie Carting
Carole Casey
Amy Caso
Ed Churney
Rosemary Clancy
Pat Cole
Maureen Conway
Lil Cornett
Liz Crowther
Laura Culnane
Pat Curzio

Susie Dailey
Diane DeFrancisci
Helen Evans
Mike Evans
Ruth Farrell
Charlene Friedman
Dee Gaddy
Al Gallo
Marianne Gallo
Jimmy Gascoigne
Ginny Hall
Jan Harrell
Barbara Herschkowitz
Tim Heaviside
Jay Hoder
Nance Hoder
Laurel Hoffman
Marna Huber
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Sheila Iodice
Joan Irvine
Dale Jacobs
Maureen Kahrmann
Rick Kahrmann

Joan Kearney
Jacquie Kelley
Dave Kelso
Theresa Kelso
Joanne Kern
Joe Kern
Dru King
Linda Kilander-Kouns
Lynn Kramer
Linda Kruger
Tom Kruger
Maureen Landry
Bill LaViolette
Inge Lorenzoni
Terry Leggett
Thea Lucarelli
Cheryle Mackie
Joan Mark
Mary McCann
Tom McGinnis
Betty McShane
Lisa Mendelson
Liz Melnick
Ted Miller

Helen Moriyama
Pat Murphy
Jeanine Nestor
Steve O’Grady
Anne O’Neil
Anita O’Neill
John O’Neill
Lesley Pace
Ann Passen
Peter Pattengill
John Pearse
Sally Pearse
Megs Phipps
Mary Alice Pojanowski
Bob Porreca
Sue Post
Raynor Reavis
Diane Reheis
Catherine Reichert
Jerry Reichert
Karen Rovick
Don Rudolph
Eileen Schwartz
Barb Schwin

Pat Simm
Michael Spence
Bruce Stone
Bruce Strupp
John Sullivan
Sue Sussman
Doug Sweeny
Susanne Sweeny
Beth Talmadge
Linda Teetz
Kathy Tonkel
Rock Tonkel
Bonnie Vernon
Rose Virgin
Vinny West
Fred Whittet
Tina Wilcox
Grant Withers
Jack Wittpenn
Ron Wnek
Marc Zanger
Dave Zansitis
Marina Zazanis